Friday, October 30, 2015

Make things light.

You have lite beer, lite this, lite that. Why not apply the same idea to your computing. Why do you need a big fancy over bloated piece of software just to edit a web page? Well in some cases it might be required, but in most cases probably not. Available for most platforms Vim a lightweight text editor will fir the job I want to do to a tee.

Vim looks simple and possibly not very useful, but it is exactly the opposite. You even have extensive on-line help.

Even though vim is text based you can do pasting from the gui into it, so it is not completely guiless.

But to get back to what is important, we need a light program to do some editing. In this case we want to edit a web page on a remote system without ever leaving our desk. Because vim is light, it loads in quickly thereby saving time. The server we want to access could be in the next room or even half way around the world. Remote access puts it at our fingertips. Let's log into the remote server and fire up vim.

Let's look at the web page and vim at the same time. You can see I have already done some editing. It is nice to see what you are working on and the editor at the same time.

After doing some more editing. I refreshed the web page to see how things were coming along.  Oh good all the changes I needed have been made. Now I can log out of the server and move on to other things.

Oops need to go back and make one last change, but no problem.  Time to play a game!

in the game!

Have fun using vim!

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