Monday, October 26, 2015

Ten reasons for not using Microsoft Windows 10

Having been a Microsoft Windows administrator for many years supporting for the server and the desktop platforms, you acquire a distaste of Microsoft products.

10. No matter how good the virus detection software is it is always one step behind the malware. Have more important things to do than to deal with it,

9. Microsoft Windows 10 is not agile enough to do several roles such as server, router, embedded system, or et cetera without major limitations.Also not user friendly with legacy equipment.

8.  Microsoft Windows 10 is a resource hog compared to other systems. I.E. disk space required. Microsoft thinks they own your computer as they can force a download of software at anytime without your input. Makes disk management impossible

7. There are security issues no matter how safe they say it is, just not convinced. Besides, you should not have to do so many tweaks just to be able to use it. Default should be secure, not insecure. Microsoft Windows 10 does not meet government standards for privacy either. Phone home features are inexcusable.

6.  No source code. You can not easily fix Microsoft Windows 10  yourself if there is a problem. You have to wait for Microsoft to come out with a fix. Also makes it harder to port to other platforms much less you being able to tailor the software to your needs..

5. You have to license Microsoft Windows 10 for every system you use it on. That means you have to have to keep a history of product keys. Makes re installation harder than it should be. You also lose a bit of privacy on how you use your systems. You also can not make multiple copies of Microsoft Windows 10 and use it on multiple systems without Microsoft's blessing.

4. You will more than likely have to start paying a licensing fee again.  Also known as the Microsoft tax.

3. With Microsoft touting an alternative operating system, shows that they really do not have that much faith in their flagship product. You may have to revamp your systems eventually.

2. You are not only coerced into using their products, but you have to do deal with the potential being advertised products while you using your computer.

1. You only have one desktop interface, so how you interact with Microsoft Windows 10 is not up to you. In fact, you can not use it without the graphical user interface as just a command line or text only system.

Personally I think it is a challenge to use Microsoft Windows 10. Being user friendly as it could be is not a strong point

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