Thursday, April 17, 2014


You actually can do a minimal windowing from the command line in Linux with dvtm. Dvtm is excellent for low end machines where graphics are not a priority. In the picture shown we have a working clock, SC a spreadsheet that you can easily export data to your favorite desktop spreadsheet such as Libreoffice, Links2 a web browser pointed to, and finally nano a pretty decent basic text editor. I prefer vim, but nano has more of a user interface.

`dvtm` is one simple, easy-to-use terminal multiplexer.
Commonly used Options:
    -v         prints version information to standard output, then exits.
        -m <mod>   set default modifier at runtime.
        [cmd...]   Execute cmd after dvtm is started.
KeyBoard Shortcuts:
    Mod    Each keybinding begins with Mod which defaults to ^g but can  be
              changed in config.h or with the -m command line option.
           Mod-c  Create a new shell window.
           Mod-x  Close focused window.
           Mod-l  Increases  the  master  area width about 5% (all except grid and fullscreen layout).
           Mod-h  Decreases the master area width about 5% (all except grid and fullscreen layout).
           Mod-j  Focus next window.
           Mod-k  Focus previous window.
               Focus the nth window.
           Mod-.  Toggle minimization of current window.
           Mod-u  Focus next non minimized window.
           Mod-i  Focus prev non minimized window.
           Mod-m  Maximize current window (change to fullscreen layout).
               Scroll up.
               Scroll down.
               Toggle between defined layouts (affects all windows).
               Zooms/cycles current window to/from master area.
           Mod-t  Change to vertical stack tiling layout.
           Mod-b  Change to bottom stack tiling layout.
           Mod-g  Change to grid layout.
           Mod-s  Shows/hides the status bar.
           Mod-r  Redraw whole screen.
           Mod-G  Escape the next typed key.
           Mod-a  Toggle  keyboard  multiplexing mode, if activated keypresses are
                  sent to all non minimized windows.
           Mod-X  Lock screen.
           Mod-B  Toggle bell (off by default).
           Mod-M  Toggle dvtm mouse grabbing.
           Mod-q  Quit dvtm.

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