Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Portable podium

Always thinking of new ways to use a tripod. Earlier we made an adapter to allow a tripod to be a camera holder. Then I thought, why not make a portable lectern. From the spare wood pile, simple enough as you just needed a rectangle wooden base with a small strip of wood as a lower paper stop.


Actually, you do need a special part called a 1/4 inch tee nut so it can be connected to the tripod. You can get them for about two for a dollar at the local hardware store.

Still think this setup is not that stable and would be hesitant to use it to hold any computing device, but then you can always live dangerously.

Poor man's stain (a coat of tea and then a coat of vinegar that had steel wool steeping in it overnight.)

Later after a week. No additional staining was done.