Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mini shelves.

Make room for Daddy's stuff.

Table of Contents
Make room for Daddy's stuff
Intro: Make room for Daddy's stuff
Step 1: The plan.
Step 2: Pieces to craft for base unit
Step 3: Change of plans
Step 4: The drawer pieces
Step 5: The drawers
Step 6: Done. (Before and after)

Intro: Make room for Daddy's stuff.
There was so much clutter and even worse was the fact the nice stereo speakers were being blocked.Became a tremendous make over for just a few bucks. Actually the drawers are empty and I need to fill them and then the clutter will go away.

Step 1: The plan.
We originally planned to have the unit on the second shelf. In fact would really make that shelf reall compact. We also imagined what the unit might look like all together.

Step 2: Pieces to craft for base unit.

Outer case parts.
5 x 28 x 12
1 back 5 x 28
2 sides 5 x 12
2 top and bottom panels 12 x 28
Inner shelves trimmed to fi (sizes before trimming to fit).
1 level 28 x 12
2 supports 2.5 x 12
3 dividers 5 x 12
Sliits are 6 x 1/4 at the 2.5 inch point. aka halfway.
Note: I think I used 5 inches instead of 6 inches for the smaller openings.

Step 3: Change of plans

Decided to put the unit on the top shel instead, (aka measured wrong). Came out better anyway as the middle shelf would not be overly crowded.
Use cellophane tape first.
Put together the outside case.
put together the inner shelves.
insert the inner shelves in the outside case
trim two inner walls to help support the shelves
Reinforce case with duct tape.

Step 4: The drawer pieces.

Decided just to use cardboard instead of the Styrofoam to save time and hassle. Measurements are relative.

Step 5: The drawers.

Use duct tape to strengthen the connections.
Insert each drawer. Have not had time to do this yet.

Step 6: Done. (Before and after).

"Best laid plans of mice and men" someone once said. Does not always turn out like you planned. Still a bit of work to do, you you get the idea.

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