Dream it, draw it, and build it.

Using the imagination is good. You should not always be spoon fed your dreams.  Using your imagination does not have to anything spectacular thing. You even do something as designing a chair.

 Even a medieval chair was quite simple.And they are both quite portable.

If at first you do not have a lot of ideas you can try to use what is available around you to learn possibilites of what can be done. That is what Michaelangelo did. Here is an example of a bed mattress frame I saw and decided try to build it.

After that there was nothing stopping what can be done.

If nothing else a child has a lot of doll house furniture.  Some things on their own may not seem like much, but if you combine them you can make some wonderful things.  Just using meat, flour, milk.tomatoes plus etc. and viola you have a pizza.

You could say the same thing about electronics.  Items on their own may not do much, but of you combine them you can do wonderful things. Here is a example of a foxhole radio made by soldiers in the field to listen to music and news from nearby stations.

using the idea of

Todays engineers try to used recycled parts such as from fluorescent bulbs to make radio transmitters and receivers. It is in understanding how things work and how to apply them. Imagination is all part of that.

Probably have the point across by now so....


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