RC controller conversion.

Here we want to interface an rc controller to a computing device so that we do not have to manually manage it. You can use all kinds of external sensors or just pre-program the computer or micro-controller for a specific task.You can use everything from robot arms to controlling RC models.

Computer/micro-controller interface Probably the easiest way to use a computer is to use the standard parallel port (not usb).

The micro-controllers are varied so you have to look for the digital type interfaces as to what to use. I.E. for the Raspberry Pi you would use the GPIO You will need to see the manuals as the pins vary between units even of the same vendors. But for the original Arduino  looks something like this:

The computer/microcontroller interface, uses 4 inexpensive npn transistors and 4 resistors.

RC controller You can disable the power lines, because you will be using the power lines from the interface. Took my controllers joystick portion from the unit for it to be easier to solder the control lines.

Even if you get this all set up, you will need software to control the computer and or micro-controller. That is  a subject for another post, There are tons of examples on the internet to be used as examples.

You could use the same idea to control other things with a bit more circuitry



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