The big biscuit.

Like to make one bit biscuit so that everyone can take just what they want or need.


3/4 cup - buttermilk or equivalent
1/4 cup - fat such as olive oil, salad oil, lard, meat drippings. or etc.
1 big pinch - salt
1 tsp - baking soda
2 tsp - baking powder


Heat oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit
While the the oven is heating up.
Pre oil a baking pan.
Mix up all the ingredients well to a dough consistancy.
Spread the dough out evenly on the baking pan.
When the oven is ready, bake the dough in the pan for about 12 minutes.
Remove the baking pan frmo the oven with heat protective mitts or the like, then place the baking pan on a heat proof surface to let the biscuits cool.
If you do not let the biscuits cool at least a little bit they, will stick to the pan and be a burden to remove from the baking pan.


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