Mouse alternative?

This was not my project, but I really would like to try it. Sort of a 3d mouse. You should have good familiarity with the Arduino to do this project.  This definitely a project that could apply to the handicapped.

Aluminum foil (1)
Masking tape (1)
Computer with Processing and Arduino software installed (1)
Shielded cable, cut off the ends, cut into (3) 2' lengths (1) from RadioShack.
Arduino (1) from RadioShack.
10KΩ resistors (3) from RadioShack.
220KΩ resistors (3) from RadioShack.
Alligator clips (3) from RadioShack.
pieces of cardboard (3)
Main circuit: (left side to the Arduino and right side to each of the three foil plates.)

Unit hookup:

Arduino hookup:

Software download links:


More information at:


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