Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Military food slang.

army strawberries - prunes
battery acid - coffee
bokoo soused - very drunk
bug juice - Kool-Aid and other powder based drinks
bullets - beans
buzzard - chicken or turkey
cackleberry - egg
canned cow - canned condensed milk
canteen - a liquor store on base
chow - food, a meal
chow down - to eat
chowhound - first in line at the mess
"come and get it" - the time honored call of the mess sergeant
desecrated vegetables - dried or dessicated vegetables
fly light - to miss a meal
gut-packings - food, rations
hardtack - a baked mix of flour and water, soaked in water overnight, and fried in grease for breakfast
hooch - hard liquor
java - coffee
joe - coffee
kitchen police, K.P. - those assigned menial clean-up duties
lurp - Long Range Patrol Ration
meal refusing to exit, meal rejected by Ethiopia - meal ready to eat M.R.E.
moo juice - milk
mud - coffee
mystery meat - meat that lacks clear identity
rabbit food - greens, especially lettuce
repeaters - beans, sausages, due to the gas they produce
shrapnel - Grape Nuts
tube steak - hot dog

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