Thursday, October 30, 2014

Network printer install

Setting a network printer is easy as setting up most any other printer. You need to know about the printer location make and model. You will also need some administrative rights to install the printer. In this case, we will be using the Cups web based utility to accomplish adding the printer. First, if you do not already have access, you need access.

$ sudo adduser $USER lpadmin
Adding user `eddie' to group `lpadmin' ...
Adding user eddie to group lpadmin

Note: for more command line goodies, see

Note if you do not get the cups page in the browseryou will need to install it.
$ sudo apt-get install cups

Whew, that is all the command line you need to do. Now you need to open your web browser to "localhost:631". Localhost is just a generic name so you do not have to use your real ipaddress.  When you first go to Cups, you will be asked some rudimentary  questions about your setup.

Then you need to choose a printer.

On this network you have one print server that has two parallel ports and one usb port. Notice that cups recognized the equipment (make sure it is turned on!). You could have just as well chose a local printer if that was the one you wanted to use. You can always add more printers later. For now we are choosing pportusb3 or the third port on the printer server that has a usb interface.

The we can choose the printer manufacturer.  Press continue. In our case, we have an HP printer. Pretty common nowadays. For the computer to be able to communicate and control the printer, you need what is known as a printer driver. Traditionally you would have to go find the printer install CD/ DVD. Fortunately Cups already has quite a few printer drivers to choose from. So the printer driver install media will be pretty much a drink coaster.

Our printer is an OfficeJet 6110. Awesome, that is one of the available drivers! So press add printer and let the driver be installed. Then you will need to install the default options. Go with the existing default options till you have seen a print out. You can easily change these options later.  Press set default option.

 Your printer should be pretty much setup now. You can go the admin pull down menu and print a test page to see if any default options need to change..

Once you have chosen to print a test page, you will get a message at the bottom of the screen about the page being printed.

You are now done with the printer setup. You can visit the other menus or just close the browser. Now the next time you need to print, the print option should show you your printer.

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