Thursday, October 2, 2014

Saving education costs.

Schools spend a a lot of money on computer education management systems  such as the following: (values are subject to change at any time.)

Blackboard has dominated the market including try to allegedly sue out of business their competitors.  If your a small school with less than a hundred students, a thousand dollars a per student seems a bit extreme to me unless you can afford it.  The login in can tell you a lot about an institution. Lee college gives you the chance to look at potential courses.

Yet, when I see a credit card pictured and focused on, I wonder if the they are only looking for your money. Could be a turnoff for a potential student.

Now let's look at an open source alternative. No money mentioned and you can again grab information without even signing up.

The cost of the Moodle software alone is $0 per student, allowing institutions to be more competitive. It is at least something to look at if you are an education administrator. Used Moodle a long time. Just did a fresh server install for testing. There are already many pre-setup modules you can use such as:
Plus there are dozens of other sources with just a web search. i.e.

Check out

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