Web ssh.

Use this at your own risk as it is probably not safe to use.

There are may web based ssh modules to use and this is just one of them. they are nice if you are operating from a tablet and do not have a desktop machine. Just fire up the html file, choose a server and then log in as you would with ssh. More info at:  http://weavervsworld.com/ssh/ssh.php

 You will need several jar file and an html file to put it all together.  The files:
mindterm312.jar  mindterm312.weavselfsign.jar  term.html

Here is a typical html file that can be on a server or even a local machine.

 <h4 class='heading'>Mindterm Applet Information</h4>
    <p class='centererror'><b>Keep this window open after the applet has loaded.</b></p>
   <object codetype='application/java-archive' classid='java:com.mindbright.application.MindTerm.class' archive='mindterm312.weavselfsign.jar'>
    <param name='sepframe' value='true' />
    <param name='debug' value='true' />
    <param name='protocol' value='ssh2' />
    <param name='server' value='' />
    <param name='port' value='22' />
    <param name='allow-new-server' value='true' />
    <param name='quiet' value='false' />
    <param name='alive' value='60' />
    <param name='80x132-enable' value='true' />
    <param name='80x132-toggle' value='true' />
    <param name='bg-color' value='black' />
    <param name='fg-color' value='white' />
    <param name='cursor-color' value='i_green' />
    <param name='geometry' value='132x35' />

Some of the screens that we have on our system..


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