Friday, December 18, 2015

Commmand line pluses.

Open source and the command line is a match made in heaven. The command line allows porting of age old rock solid code to nix. Most command line programs survive in the fact they can do one thing well and be used to pipe data from one form to another all without the fancy gui environment. Text based programs port very well. Of gui front ends can always be added later.

For example an old spreadsheet program originally written many years ago for cpm using mbasic still lives with the ability for free basic to recompile (with changes) the code.The following flatfile database originally developed in the DOS environment  is being expanded to have the abilities for a relational database.

Lastly there is a text editor developed in the TRS-80 days that can still be easily used in the command line environment when compiled with freebasic. Programs like dosbox can make the conversion easier.


A bit rusty with it but:

Native linux version:

So now you have an editor, database, and a text editor. that should be enough to get you started.

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