Thursday, December 24, 2015

Tuxpaint coloring book.

Make your own coloring book on the computer.  There are sites such as They will let you download or even printout pictures for coloring.

But you can take a screenshot of just the picture you want, such as Santa.

Then you will want to import it into tuxpaint. (I renamed it first.)

$ cd Pictures/
$ tuxpaint-import santa.png
Using save directory: /home/eddie/.tuxpaint/saved
grep: /usr/local/etc/tuxpaint/tuxpaint.conf: No such file or directory
Using 832 x 696 images (for 1024 x 800 Tux Paint
santa.png -> /home/eddie/.tuxpaint/saved/20151224100844.png
pnmtopng: 173 colors found

Then go into tuxpaint to import the file

Import the file.

Then start coloring to your hearts content.

So far I have just only used the magic/fill commands. Have fun!

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