Sunday, December 6, 2015

Pic to html

Especially if you have an embedded system that acts as a web server, you will want to display the pictures without using special software. This also perfor for sites where you can not upload anything besides html Here is a quick trick to turn a picture into a simple ascii html file which you can easily edit. Lets take the file switch.png.

But we need a file in the .jpg format. No problem we can convert it with

$ convert switch.png switch.jpg

Still looks pretty much the same so far. Now to create the html file.

$ jp2a --color --html --fill --background=light  switch.jpg --output=s.html

We will use a simple web text only browser to display the html file.

Now to try a regular web browser on a normal desktop system.

Interesting... Of course you can add your own html.


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