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Updated M$ vs world updated.

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Windows fanboy:

Of course MSWindows has more users. Its designed for simplicity so simple minded people can use it..... Actually just easy and more effective at its job than anything else. Linux is high on difficulty because you have to Terminal install drivers and Applications that aren't in the store they provide. Only form of Linux I've been running Lately is Chrome OS, haven't touched full blown Linux or Windows in awhile, it just collects. Enjoy using my Chromebook to much lol but hey everyone prefers different things. I went from rocking a Windows 10 Technical Preview laptop to a Chromebook and I enjoy it even more than Windows or actual Linux.

My answer:

With all due respect, Most people do not have to deal with mswindows install issues because they usually get ready built machines. If you get a properly set up prebuilt linux machine, the issues if any would be no different.  No you do not have to install drivers via the command line except in rare situations. Same is true of MSwindows. Been there done that. What is ironic is that there are so many drivers built in with linux , you do not have to spend any  time installing software from many cdroms. That is especially true of printer drivers. Yet to have to load one cdrom for an HP printer.

Anyone who says there are no real issues with mswindows installing drivers and etc, has never worked in the real world. I can tell you some nightmares. Where vendors did not want to upgrade drivers because they did not know how ms would prepare fixes to their own software. I remember once where once we had to do some volume printing of students receipts and nothing printed. But the M$ certified people that set up the system up said it would work and did not understand why it did not work. .M$ had no solution. We had to come up with a solution asap praying the students would not crucify us for not getting their receipts. Came up with a solution to get the job done temporarily.

I can not tell you how many wasted hours as a tech I spent killing viruses on MSWindows machines. Virus software is always one step behind. Never had to do that on linux.

When setting up machines we usually ended doing clean installs so we did not have to deal with all the crapware that comes on mswindows.  Generally, you do not get that on linux installs.

On my personal machine, windows 7 loaded but did not even recognize any of the hardware,but then it was not a garden variety system So I loaded linux and everything worked fine.

Taught at the college level computing for more than ten years part-time. Everyone I taught linux to, eventually removed MSwindows from their systems, except for those who had one or two company required software.  Ironic there is so much workalike software on linux. you do not need most of the commercial crap. 

Can still run the latest linux on legacy hardware. You do not have to get a new computer every ten minutes like mswindows. Many of my systems are hand me downs from mswindows users who thought they needed new equipment. Slackware 14 will run on a Pentium one.

Now licensing. with linux you do not have to worry about all those validation codes. No limitations on number of machines I can run linux on. M$ Licensing costs are unreal. OS costs: backoffice license, terminal server license. office license, server license. Access licenses.  You get nickel and dimed to death.

Tell me how M$windows is better again???


Will not get into all the alleged shortcomings of MSWindows 10 except to say that users are now seeing what it is like to install a new operating system whether they like it or not. It should give them a bit more respect for the Information Technology people who set up computer systems for their use.  When I see all the nightmares people are having with MSWindows 10 for the mounting complaints registered on-line, it gives you cause for consternation.. MSWindows users can no longer say how allegedly easy it is to go with MSWindows. How free is MSWindows 10 if you have to spend so much bandwidth (time on the internet) and time setting it up?

Time for DVD download.
Time for dvd burn DVD burn or usb prep.
Time for  installing for base system barring any issues that take additional time
Time for adding additional drivers.
Time for configuration modifications
Time for restoring old data (if any)
Time for adding new software such as anti-virus and etc.
Time for adding other new software.
etc etc etc

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