Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Make your palmtop more valuable.

Do  you feel as if your palmtop is a one trick pony now. Can your palmtop do all this? They can! Either through a web browser or a remote desktop viewer.  having a local web server, you can install applications that will run without the internet but do work with the local intranet.There is even software that will emulate a computer desktop.

Most palmtops have terminal server clients.  With the remote desktop viewer you can access another working computer on the network be it Linux, OS/x, or even Mswindows. You start the rdp (remote desktop protocol viewer) software and then enter the hostname address.

Picture of Thin client setup.

Of you will need to set up a login and password on the host for if nothing else minimal security restrictions.

Picture of Logging in

Once your in, you can use the hosts as if that operating system was on your palmtop! Here we have access a remote Linux computer. You can even get a remote Raspberry Pi desktop, so the RPi does not need a monitor.

For more information see:

One last thing there are specialty software application that will let you access hardware such as the Arduino for all kind of experiments.

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