Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Take it to the web.

Last time, we talked about programming on the local machine. Now I just want to just dabble in getting your data from a remote machine or server. If you write or program in C,  more that likely your program will not work out of the box with a web server.  Like on the local machine there are many languages we can use. In this case, we are going to use a new language called HTML (hypertext markup language). It does not have to be compiled like before. The source code file is interpreted, which makes it slower to execute. You will also need a web browser to see the results of the code to be executed. To see this site, you already have a web browser. Now let us create a source file as we did before. You can use any editor that saves as text to do this.


Hello, world!

Now to execute the file, all you have to do from the gui environment is double click on it.

Now you have created your first web page. Tada!! Setting up a web server is a bit more complicated. A little tutorial is at:

Another interesting link:

Things are a bit different now, but this is the way web page maintenance used to be done.  What a web maintenance programmer might do.  This was me testing RecordMyDesktop. Since Youtube does not support 1024xwhatever, it made this video real tough. About a minute or so in, there seems to be a hangup. Not so. I am just working where the desktop is not being recorded. There is also no sound as I was too lazy to plug in the microphone. Anyway this is just me editing a web site remotely without using any fancy tools.  The web site is not on the internet, but it is on a private network. The server has several virtual hosts.

Last of all, there are a boat load of applications you can install on a server, even your server!

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