Monday, September 15, 2014

Old but not dead.

The news media said they were worthless seem to be still working ok for me. Using the Arduino with an old black and white TV and additional software. You need to add a couple of pieces of inexpensive electronics though. If you have an old TV like this one with composite in, it will also work with the Raspberry Pi also (You will need an rf modulator otherwise.) Old vcrs make great rf modulators and can be had cheap from places like Goodwill.

Even this probably thirty year old TV with the right output from an old computer works ok.  Like to play ninvaders on it as well as using it as a terminal. Command line is not dead,

Bluray has never really caught on, but we can still use dvd players.  Dvd players with composite input can also be used as monitors. Here we are running Reactos.


Update: Forgot about this old video,

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