Uses for your own private cloud.

If you have an old machine that is still good shape, but may not run the latest software, considering turning it into a home server. There is so much you can do with it.  In fact, I just installed a personal accounting application on the server the other day. Using that old machine will be the best money you never spent on a system. More information at:

Just tooling around the server. softserv and oesrvr1 are actually coming from the same machine commonly know as virtual hosts.  Actually have five plus hosts on that system. Then you are taken through a myriad of free open software programs that have been installed available from and other sites. The latter part of the video displays standalone web applications from web pages that have been extracted and added to the server. Plus a few of my own apps are featured.  Pretty powerful coming from an old Pentium III computer. Not for the real world, but for a small business or home is genuinely adequate.


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