Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Want to program?

Make up a to do list of your days activities. If that is easy for you then, you might be a programmer.

Path to programming.

  • Know a subject that gives you reason to program
  • Learn logic
  • Learn the syntax of a possible language that looks interesting
  • Apply practical examples till you feel comfortable.
  • Learn to debug.
  • Work as a maintenance programmer.
  • Develop a plan for the program you want to write 
  •           and describe in detail  what is to be done (see below),
  • Code in manageble segments via modules.
  • Test and redo the program as needed.

Pseudo coding makes life easier.

Dump web page as ascii (text) to disk file.
Read disk file one line at a time in, but ignore all lines till you get what is needed.
Now continue reading one line at a time, but ignore certain lines
With the line you read in output what is needed, while editing out unwanted characters.
Stop output when you get to a point nothing else is needed.
Finnish reading file one line at a time.

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