Thursday, September 11, 2014

Toasting bread.

Throw out your toaster! It's a waste of counter space when you already have an oven. Why spend money on an appliance that only does one thing. Use your oven and you can make up to 10 pieces at once.

 1. If you do not have a separate broiler, Move one of your oven racks to the very top position.

 2. Set the oven to Low Broil. If your oven doesn't have a HI-LO setting for broiling you will just have to pay closer attention as to not burn the toast. (broiler temperature low 400 high 575 degree)

3. Distribute pieces of bread evenly on the top rack.

4. Leave the oven door cracked open.

5.  Watch the toast carefully so it doesn't burn.

6. It should take about 2 minutes on Low, but ovens vary.

7. When the first side reaches your desired color flip each piece using tongs.

8.  When the second side reaches your desired color remove your toast using tongs.

9.  Turn your oven off and enjoy your toast!

10. Finished.

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