Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wisp of an internet.

Had to stay at my brother's house last summer while the AC was being replaced. While there, he was kind enough to let me access his wifi. It was real easy. You just log in and your on-line. The neat part of it was you are blocked out of using the local area network. He uses a wireless router from that company in Cupertino, California. I wanted to have the same thing but did not want to spend one hundred plus dollars on a new router like he did.

Recently I purchased a used Cisco Linksys wrt-54g from the local Goodwill store specializing in computer stuff real cheap. Knew that you could upgrade the firmware with dd-wrt, openwrt, and a host of others. In fact, I think I had installed dd-wrt. Wanted more like what my brother has. After doing some research, I found some firmware. Known as CoovaAP, it is known is what is called a Wisp (wifi inTERnet service provider. Well I wanted it for our intranet (local area full service network without internet access). We have sort of our own mini cloud (web, media and etc.) servers. So it still is a Wisp (Wireless inTRAnet service provider. You can also set this software for a stand alone machine acting as a wireless access point.

Installed CoovaAP on the router and now it can be accessed within the range of the router. This is a great set up say for a school, church, or in a small town. More information at:

One application I like to use installed on the web server is eyeOS ( It is sort of a gui driven web desktop that works perfectly with your touchpads, ipads, and or laptops. We use it with the Chumby.

We have lots of other applicatons also that can be accessed. i.e.   Great for accessing the Garage POS.  Think I talked about setting up your own private intranet in an earlier post (  You can start from there!

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