Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Commanding again.

Odds and ends:

#Date and time
$ date +"Date: %m/%d/%y Time: %H:%M:%S"
Date: 09/17/14 Time: 08:34:28

Format a usb stick:
$ sudo umount /dev/sdb1
$ sudo mkdosfs -F 32 -I /dev/sdb1

#Quick way to stop a misbehaving program.
format: pkill progname

$ pkill firefox

#Get a file from youtube:
format youtube-dl url -flv

$ youtube-dl

#Extract a file directly to a web directory from another host.
$ sudo tar username@host::/home/username/diroffile/filename.tar

From HPR:

#Strip the audio of a video.
$ ffmpeg -i glue.flv glue.mp3

# Possible pretty output file, but takes up extra space.
$ ffmpeg -i glue.flv -target ntsc-dvd output.mpg

# original install
ls -l /var/log/installer
# uptime
# Quicknote
cat > filename <<EOF
# Quick append
cat >> filename <<EOF

#Gif to avi
convert test.gif old%02d.jpg
ffmpeg -r 25 -i old%02d.jpg -y -an new.avi

# Strip music
mplayer -ao pcm:fast:file=batmanpiano.mp3 -vo null -vc null Batmanpiano.flv


We will be doing some interfacing with a bike.

Get ready for some freebasic goodness.


The one from Radio Shack is socketed.
The one from Osepp (at Fry’s) is not.


Just a few links for gaming:


Mineos – (Minecraft)
Live gamers –
Gamedrift – ($$$)
Sabayon Linux (gaming edition) –
Zorin OS Gaming edition.

Game serving:

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