Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Good old text adventures.

Decided I wanted to play good old Zork. Went looking for where to get the games. Whoopie, they are free now! Used to be you would have a install a program for each version of the story. They now have what is called a zmachine, so that all you have to do is load in the stories for each of the games as you want to play them.    So I downloaded several games including hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy.  Mmm goodness!


Having been a system administrator for many years installing client/server applications, "What else can I do?", came to mind. Then I thought about it, Do I need to download a zmachine for all the systems. Is there a better way especially for touchpads? And there is. Found Zplet for use on a web server. Installed it, some stories, and a little html to put it all together. Even more goodness.


Try it!

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