Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thinking twice about using the cloud.

After the Megaupload incident (, it makes me wonder whether I want to use the cloud. Innocent users with their files not available is making that a real mess.

You can easily set up a server on a system such as an old computer for your home network or you can get some of the turnkey nas'es (networked addressed storage or network hard drive that have a server built in). Some of them even support what is know as the (M/L/W)amp stack. If you have one of these units there are a few starter programs that can make access to your personal media very easy.

For  pictures, you might use Gallery2 ( Some network hardrives come with this software now.  It is what we use to store pictures and makes it real easy to access them with just a web browser.

If you want to easily access your media then try xbmc ( which is available for the major platforms and does not need a web server to work.

For the web server there are a host of programs to look at such as Jinsora, Plex, Mediatomb and etc.

If you just want to server only music, you might want to consider MT-daapd also known as Firefly (will run without a web server).  Most itunes compatible devices should connect to it.

You can even set up your own private blog and include media. Wordpress ( is probably one of the more popular ones.

The home web server is the next home appliance in my opinion. Have been using one for quite a few years. (

 Gave you just enough to whet your appetite.

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