Friday, April 20, 2012

Cutting the Cable Cord - Will Comcast and Direct TV be the next Blockbuster?

As services such as Netflix and Hulu plus get better and better will more and more people cut the cable cord and save money? It is starting... Cord Cutting is Real: 1 Million TV Subscribers Lost to Streaming Services.

I am really tired of paying close to $50 a month for cable. If I can use a local HD antenna and see my other favorite shows on Netflix and Hulu plus for about $20 a month instead of $50... that's a $360 a year I am saving. The technology and bandwidth are in place to get your favorite shows via your network connection. It is only a matter of time until the cable company monopoly is broken. Blockbusters had its business plan ripped out from under them by advancing technology. The result: Bankruptcy. Actually driving somewhere to get a DVD? Redbox? You've got to be kidding.

The cable companies are facing the same specter in the face. DirectTV, you REALLY expect me to pay you $4.99 to watch a movie on demand when Amazon has it for less? Competition is good!

Remember when people actually paid to get the news delivered to their house each morning? Delivered Newspapers, Driving to rent movies, paying for channels you NEVER watch, and other Horse and buggy stuff are all going to go away. If cable TV does not adapt, they will be swept away by the new reality that our technology allows.


  1. I cut the cable ties a long time ago when streaming became more accessible and consistant. Do I miss out on some shows? Yes I do. But spending $7.99 for Netflix streaming and $8 bucks for Hulu saves me about $400 a year. But for a buck, I don't mind driving to Redbox to get a movie Netflix doesn't have, and Netflix has a bad habit of changing up their catalogue.

  2. My contract is up with DirectTV next January.
    I am thinking very strongly with cutting the cable... now next question... Ruku or AppleTV?

  3. The only question I'm curious about is how long its gonna take networks to start sending their new episodes to the streaming services. Because as it stands I dont know many of the streaming services that offer same day availability of new episodes like standard cable networks.

  4. I have Roku and have been very happy with it.

  5. My family ditched DirecTv 8 months ago. We now use an OTA Antenna to watch the major networks, Apple TV to purchase the pay tv shows and we use Netflix for movies. I use our Xbox 360 to watch live College Football on ESPN3 in the fall. We now spend around $200 a year for TV versus the $1200 a year with DirecTv. The only way that I would go back to pay TV is if I could pay for what I wanted to watch when I watch to watch it.

  6. Going back though old comments. and have missed these. Cool.