Sunday, September 6, 2015

Truth in advertizing.

Microsoft claims to be the encompassing operating system, Debian Linux supports all of these:

Architecture Debian Designation Sub-architecture Flavor
Intel x86-based i386
AMD64 & Intel 64 amd64
ARM armel Intel IXP4xx ixp4xx
Marvell Kirkwood kirkwood
Marvell Orion orion5x
Versatile versatile
ARM with hardware FPU armhf multiplatform armmp
multiplatform for LPAE-capable systems armmp-lpae
64bit ARM arm64
MIPS (big endian) mips SGI IP22 (Indy/Indigo 2) r4k-ip22
SGI IP32 (O2) r5k-ip32
MIPS Malta (32 bit) 4kc-malta
MIPS Malta (64 bit) 5kc-malta
MIPS (little endian) mipsel MIPS Malta (32 bit) 4kc-malta
MIPS Malta (64 bit) 5kc-malta
IBM/Motorola PowerPC powerpc PowerMac pmac
PReP prep
Power Systems ppc64el IBM POWER8 or newer machines
64bit IBM S/390 s390x IPL from VM-reader and DASD generic

So how many of these does Microsoft support? Only a fraction. So much for the Microsoft one size fits all.

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