Simple web server management script.

Not so long ago while  searching the web for certain cgi scripts found ths very short script in the wayback machine. Apparently the author no longer had the page, The script was twenty lines if that. The script did not seem like that much at first, but then I started adding code. You could even add other scripts to allow itself to be more powerful. The script became more and more useful. Did not fancy it up with advanced html, but it was so useful, put it on all the major servers.  An older version of the web page looks something like this:

One of the features I integrated into script was to see what ipaddresses were live on the network. That may not mean so much but if you are on a tablet, that is not and easy thing to do usually. That way you could see if there were any trespassers so to speak.

Pretty much know what the usual ip addresses are. If one was missing that meant a device was either down or not connected  A cute feature.

If you want to experiment with the script, it is at:

Also check out:


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