Command line spreadsheet.

No matter what system you use or even if you do everything by hand, you will need a typewriter (editor), Filing cabinet (database), and an financial worksheet (spreadsheet). Everyone knows about vim, nano, and  for using as editor or word processor. If you have ever wanted to set up a filing cabinet or database, you probably have heard of Mysql (or one of the variants), Postgresql, or even Nosql.

What many people have not heard of is a spreadsheet for the command line.One interesting spreadsheet is called simply enough called sc. Some people may lead you to believe it will only support just numbers that is not true.

You can even get a help file with:

$ scqref > sc_commands

 A:   This overview
 B:   Toggle Options
 C:   Set Options
 D:   Cursor movement commands
 E:   Cell entry and editing commands
 F:   Line Editing
 G:   File commands
 H:   Row and column commands
 I:   Range commands
 J:   Miscellaneous commands
 K:   Variable names/Expressions
 L:   Range functions
 M:   Numeric functions
 N:   String functions
 O:   Financial functions
 P:   Time and date functions

There is even a tutorial you can use:

$ sc /usr/share/doc/sc/

Though we like to use out own home grown spreadsheet called lizzyclc. Lizzyclc was created with Freebasic, so it is easy to update for adding new features.

Also the command structure is easier to follow for a new user.

Thats all..


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