Canvas making.

Love Tuxpaint, but it lacks some cut and paste features. Used the
Gimp to get around these short comings. Kind of had to plan out what I wanted to do. First was to use the picture of the video card in the Gimp.

So now I can see the picture, but the canvas is not big enough to hold what else I want. So let us make a new canvas four times bigger. Original picture was 480 x 281.

Import the picture of the card and the picture of the RPi. Actually I cut and pasted the RPi out of one of my other pictures.

Now to do a screen capture of the canvas. Then we will do a tuxpaint-import of that capture into tuxpaint.

Then we need to do a magic shift to put the pictures where we can have more room for pictures and text. Now  the pictures are centered better.

Now all that is left to do is erase some lines that were wires in the original picture and add all the new art work by hand.

Now all we have to do is take a screen shot of the canvas for the blog like we did with this one.

That's all for now.


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