Friday, November 7, 2014

Html image gallery from bash

Before we took a file listing and made a list in an html file ( .

Must admit I do not know css, so I use what I know with simple html. This time we are going to use bash to create a picture gallery page. The main thing we want to do is to automate creation of web pages even if they are static so to speak. If things go as planned we will make an automated version of out bookmarks page

There is a lot more that could be done, but thought this was a good start.  The second picture is a more realistic size. Used filename without the extension for the alt tag. After I thought about it. this could also be used for several things including a comics section for our newspages ( with a little coding changes. Comics come usually in sets of three frames

Anyway here is the skeleton of a program. May not work exactly right with html5.


# daffinitions
ls *.png > picdatafile
m="not done"
d=" "

#read the file
while read line
do fdata[$a]=$line
        let a=a+1
done < $datafile

# top
echo "<html>" > $htmlfile
echo "<body>" >> $htmlfile
echo "<h2><center>Picture list</center></h2>" >> $htmlfile
echo "<hr>" >> $htmlfile

echo "<center>" >> $htmlfile
echo "<table border="10">" >> $htmlfile

# middle
for (( COUNTER=1; COUNTER<=$a; COUNTER+=3 )); do
echo "<tr>" >> $htmlfile
       for i in `seq 0 2`;
         echo "<td>" >> $htmlfile
         d=`echo ${fdata[$i+$COUNTER]} | sed 's/\([^\.]*\)\..*/\1/'`
         theline='<img src="'${fdata[$i+$COUNTER]}'" alt="'${d}'" width="300" height="300" hspace="20" vspace="20">'
         echo "$theline" >> $htmlfile
         echo "</td>" >> $htmlfile
echo "</tr>" >> $htmlfile
echo "<br />" >> $htmlfile

echo "</table>" >> $htmlfile
echo "</center>" >> $htmlfile

#  bottom
echo "</body>" >> $htmlfile
echo "</html>" >> $htmlfile

code generated:

Was looking for some pictures and and found that using the html file is great for previewing pictures on the local machine too,

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