Sunday, February 10, 2013

Upgrade one and then upgrade two.

One of my primary concerns is how to maximize computer resources. For example if you upgrade the memory on a laptop, you usually end up removing the the old memory. If the memory is still good why chunk it?  Had an old thin client that I bought for a few bucks, but it really needed more memory. Forgotten all about the unit until I was checking out what thin clients could be used with the newer thin client server,. Low and behold, after looking inside the the client, it had a slot that looked just like the same form factor as the memory from the laptop.

Awesome.  Now I can upgrade a thin client to work with my newer LTSP server!!  One more piece of equipment back to work. The memory turned from a lemon into lemonade. Or as I started with "Upgrade one and then upgrade two."  Reuses for computers III is out! See it at:

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