Thursday, February 21, 2013

Convert a short movie into a gif.

How to quickly and easily take a short film and turn it into a gif.

Make or use an empty directory for the intermediate pictures.

$ mkdir gifit
$ cd !$

Move the movie to that directory

 Create the pictures:

$ ffmpeg -i PICT0220.AVI -r 1 -f image2 %05d.png

The pictures should all be the same size as they came from a movie.

Now let's make an  animated gif

$ convert -delay 100  *.png  hand.gif

Note: check the documentation for the programs to get more possibilities.

Split apart a gif and reassemble at a slower speed.
convert a.gif %02d.png
convert -delay 6 -loop 0 *.png animation.gif

ffmpeg for other platforms:


Another way to make videos.

# Create a directory and copy the original images there for manipulation:
mkdir temp
cp *.JPG temp/.
# Resize the images:
mogrify -resize 200x200  temp/*.JPG
# Create the morph images
convert temp/*.JPG -delay 10 -morph 5 temp/%05d.jpg
# Stitch them together into a video
ffmpeg -r 50 -qscale 2  -i temp/%05d.jpg output.mp4
Another way to make a video.  Convert a short movie into a gif.

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