Monday, February 20, 2012 - Changing The Way Games Get Made has already made a huge difference in getting promising board games published. Games like Alien Frontiers, D-Day Dice, Eminent Domain, and Zong Shi have seen / will see the light of day because of

Now is freeing some of the best computer game developers from the publishing studios. Double Fine has raised over 2 million dollars via towards it next adventure game. ArsTechnica has an interesting article on this new trend: Publishers beware: Can other game developers copy Double Fine's Kickstarter millions?

Kickstart will allow some really innovative independent game developers to open up and do some great work. What is chump change to a large game producer is a gold mine to the independent developer! My only fear is fraud or incompetence will sour the pool of potential people funding kickstart projects. Still, in the board gaming community, it doesn't take a whole ton of cash to get a game printed and out. I know several good board game developers that are getting good games out that would have probably never seen the light of day. Hopefully, the computer gaming field will follow suit.

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