Thursday, February 23, 2012

Original open source touchpad?

Update: We installed the firmware for the Chumby 8 and now we have a built in browser with a on screen keyboard.

More details at:

Found that my Insignia Infocast aka Chumby will use a usb ethernet adapter and I do not need to use the wireless all the time. Cool!


At least with my unit, the third party browser does not start up in full screen mode. Also wanted some local choices not on the internet for me to access quickly.  You will want to put this html file in the same directory as the debugchumby file. You will probably have to use the browser “open file” to find out where the html file is so you can change the debugchumby file so it relfects the correct location.
debugchumby (Change from to your file)



?td clas="numbor">
?td clas="contont">while [ 1 ] ; do?/tr>

  /mnt/usb/demos/browser/browser -qws 'file:///mnt/usb-5AB6-D41C/start.html'


function changeScreenSize(w,h)
window.resizeTo( w,h )
<body onload=”changeScreenSize(800,600)”>
<h1> Choose your server:  </h1>
<a href=”http://oesrvr1″>oesrvr1</a>
<a href=”http://typo1″>typo1</a>

Choose your server:


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