Saturday, February 20, 2016

Tech school grad fails simple test.

So many years ago I worked in a small family owned computer store. At one time we needed a second repair tech whose primary job would be to repair and upgrade equipment.

One particular tech came from a highly advertised tech schools,who was  highly recommended and was suppose to be the cream of the crop. Our existing tech wanted to hire the individual. So he gave the prospective employee an easy test. The potential employee was asked to point out a ram chip.

The potential employee picked out the Motorola cpu as the ram chip. Obviously that was the wrong answer. Our existing tech thanked the potential employee and sent him on his way without a job. Unfortunately, later all the employees had a big laugh over the incident.

Even if you are not familiar with that motherboard, usually the biggest chip is the cpu or other control chip of which there is usually only one.. Generally ram chips are in multiple banks of eight or nine. Also too, the prevalent chip number at the time was 41256. They were used on all the major computer builders. The big bank of smaller chips alone should have been a giveaway,  Checking the chip numbers should have confirmed what were the ram chips.

After that fiasco, no one from that particular tech school was ever considered for a position ever again.

Update: the Technical school is no longer in active business.

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