Ordering from the menu.

Web pages with menus are sure easy to navigate. In fact, I like all the base menus in one place so that you do not have to go though a maze to get what you want.

The menus are just one part of the page, so let's zoom in and see that we are looking at. The menu takes up minimal space, but expanding a pull-downs make it easy to manage.

Wrote this years ago so I am sure there are much better ways to do it now, but it still works for me on a private server. The menu is pretty much a large table comprised of sections having each option menu.


<form name="jump1">
<select name="menu1" onchange="top.location=document.jump1.menu1.options[document.jump1.menu1 ...
<!-- option value="../flatpress">Flatpress</option>
<option value="../wiki">Mediawiki</option> -->
<option value="../wordpress">Wordpress</option>
<option value="../vh/www.ohmygalleries.com/html">Scrapbook</option>
<!-- <option value="../habari">Habari</option> -->

Notice there are some lines commented out of former options that were a part of the menu. But that is ok because they will not be shown. So what does the total page look like?

Notice that each section is named separately.  So here you go a quick and dirty menu section.

Note: in the main menu I nave set up a reference to make links easier.


<title> Offshore Educators (Main Page) 1 </title>
<base href="http://oeorgan1/oe/">

Have fun.


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