Tuesday, May 20, 2014

EyeOS, the web based gui.

One thing I like about servers is that clients or users can run an application from a server. That means software only has to be installed and or upgraded once at a time. What a savings in support time. Places such as Sourceforge.net have many programs that can run from a web server.

Three of the most common programs that people use are a spreadsheet, word processing. and a database. One such program although it was not in the package I used was a relational database. A flatfile database could be created in the spreadsheet. The program I am talking about is eyeOS. eyeOS is sort of a computer desktop for your browser.  That means the software should be platform independent.  That means you can generally use any touchpad, desktop, laptop, or anything with a browser. No per se special setup is needed in most cases on the user side.

You do need a web server to host the software. A lamp, wamp, mamp, or similar type server should work. We use Apache a lot.The neat thing about web based apps is you do not need a gui based machine to host the software. We use and old Pentium II computer at home to host the software. In fact, I have run it on an nslu2 running debian.

If you would like to know more about installing eyeOS see:

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