Monday, January 7, 2013

App store not always required.

Feel like App stores and epub sites have too much control over your commuting computing devices. Well you are not alone. That is the general feeling from all the people who have seen ebooks and or applications either locked down or mysteriously missing. You do not feel as if you own the touchpad or the like. Chances are the web browser on your touchpad, will never be tampered with except for being updated.  Too many local applications on your device can also clutter up storage space. 


 What can be another option. You can use your own web server, or lease on-line web space, or use a web hosting service to use your own web applications. In earlier articles, I have talked about how you can write your own progrems for web use. You can actually get quite a few web based applications that are open source from the likes of and other sites if you do not want to reinvent the wheel. There are so many programs available, from cooking to advanced business application like enterprise resource planning.  I have done several instructables about web  that you might be itnerested in at:

The nice thing about using as much web based software as you can is that you only have to update just a web server setup and not hundreds of desktop machines when updates come out for the software you use, Using the web also makes software compatible across platforms. Your need for a particular platform is lessened. It does not matter whether you have Android, Apple , Microsoft, Linux, BSD, Unix, or a host of other platforms as long as you can use a browser.

What is really interesting is that  you can take a device such as a Raspberry Pi (under fifty dollars) that only uses a few watts of power and let it be your web server, so the need for a hosting service is becoming less and less a necessity. If you wanted to run a blog from the Raspberry Pi you can easily do so with open source software such as Flatpress.

 You can get more information about setting up a blog on a Raspberry Pi based web server at: Much better than refrigerator magnets!  Not so long ago there was a device from HP that was pulled from the market for alleged lack of software. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just a real bad bit of marketing.  You do not have to go to the apps store always to get some really fine software. And if it is on your server, only you can restrict the use of it. Freedom!

Note: The Android development kit or SDK is now a closed source project. Android in no longer free. Alleged exerpt from the new license agreement

"3.3 You may not use the SDK for any purpose not expressly permitted by this License Agreement. Except to the extent required by applicable third party licenses, you may not: (a) copy (except for backup purposes), modify, adapt, redistribute, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, or create derivative works of the SDK or any part of the SDK; or (b) load any part of the SDK onto a mobile handset or any other hardware device except a personal computer, combine any part of the SDK with other software, or distribute any software or device incorporating a part of the SDK."

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