Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Programming without coding.


How would you like to create programs without learning some fancy computer language per se. You could create games, animations, educational projects and much much more. MIT has created software called Scratch to do just that. In fact, educational institutions such as Harvard have used  it part of the curriculum for both computer and non-computer science majors to aid them in learning about computers. Here is a quick intro into Scratch.

As you can see everything is drag and drop. No need to learn a epic set of commands to do even the most simplest things. Various video sites have a plethora of movies to watch to learn more about Scratch. You might need to learn some basic logic, but that is picked up easily enough.  You can see it is more user friendly that the traditional programing environment.

Some traditional programmers use even a more simplistic environment. Even schools such as Harvard have integrated Scratch programming as part of the program. Usually it is a precursor to the "C" programming environment used  by most colleges today to teach programming. Here is a video that has been used by Harvard for their free education project. (skip over about half the video to get to the part about scratch).

Scratch is available for the most popular platforms. For my linux box (with an internet connection), all I had to do to install it was from the command line:

$ sudo apt-get install scratch

Of course you could use the gui package managers also to install it, You can find for information about Scratch at:

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