Monday, July 30, 2012

They say your computer could have a virus!

There is this one commercial that really makes me chuckle a bit. It is not about the product or service that they sell. Since I do not generally use Microsoft products, I will not be using their product to judge it. What I do take issue with is that they seem to suggest that if you get viruses and the like, your hardware could become totally useless.
Have not seen in many years where viruses made your hardware worthless. When I see the picture of abandoned equipment, I feel like a kid in a candy store thinking what all I could do with that probably perfectly good equipment. Even if the equipment had seen it’s best days, there are ways re-purpose or recycle such equipment. For some examples: and
Now, to a better prospect. If  there is nothing wrong with the equipment, why discard it?  You could have your equipment’s software cleaned up and you will be able to reuse your system again. But, then that leads to a bigger question of, why are you using software that get’s you in that predicament in the first place.

Think Linux!

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