Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Chistmas

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday and a Merry Christmas. Blogging should be easier for me with my new bluetooth keyboard. Now I will be able to explore the limits of my iPad as a full computing device. Without a doubt, it has the computing power for all my tasks: email, web browsing, word processing, and even gaming. Currently, I am enjoying playing Bard's Tale on it. The writing and voice acting of the game are wonderful.

I am really looking forward to blogging in 2012. I am planning on doing almost all of my blogging from the iPad. If I see an article at work that I want to point out while at lunch, I will will use that old fashened, last decade technology to make a post on the blog.

I believe we are truly at a crossroads in our computing technology. Microsoft agrees with me. Windows 8 is abandoning 25 years of development and refinement of the windows desktop enviorment. Rather than a mouse interface that allows and barely tolerates a touch screen, they are shifting to a touch interface that allows a mouse to act as a proxy for touching.

More importantly, the age of the personal computer as an appliance is arriving. I mean, you turn it on and it works. No more worrying about being the system administrator on your PC. The average person has no desire to worry about critical updates, administrator rights, or a virus attacking the operating system. Apple's iOS is there. Microsoft is knocking on the door. Windows 8 will finally add the ability to restore the OS without wiping applications and user data. I upgraded my iPad to iOS 5 several weeks ago. It automatically backs itself up to the cloud everyday. iOS finally cuts the cord from iTunes! Thank goodness. iTunes is a program that tries to do many things, but does few of them well.

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I wish everyone a Happy Christmas and Merry New Year.


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  1. Is Windows 8 still planning to allow for the classic desktop accessibility like we saw in the Developers release?