Odd monitors for the Raspberry Pi.

If you do not have access to hdmi based monitors, any old monitor with composite input used with the old eight bit computers should do fine. You may have to purchase a special cabIe. I like to use my old c=1701. You can even add a digital tuner and use it as a tv.

Some old TV's that do not have composite but do have rf input can be used with a vcr

My favorite is to use an old dvdrom player with composite and audio input. You can always attach a Raspberry Pi to the back of the unit to make it super portable.

Even an old portable tv with composite input can be a choice! In the case though it is only black and white.

Then again you can use your tablet via xrdp to act as a screen for your raspberry Pi.

Last but not least is the old Trs-80 monitor. No sound and is only black and white. You also have to provide a +5 volts line externally..

There is always those inexpensive mini portable monitors, but they may require 12 volts to work. Normally used for automobiles.

Note: for the Raspberry Pi Zero will require adding solder points for the composite output and an audio filter. The specs for this are in an earlier article.


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