Remote music gui.

Now let us take a look a remote music controller called mpd. With mplayer we could do everything from the command line, mpd we should be able to use the gui on the remote machine. We will not need to use ssh here either.

You will want to set up your host machines with speakers as before. Then we need to add a new piece of software called mpd. It is available for a wide variety of systems including Android.

$ sudo apt-get install mpd

Server does not have to have gui installed. Copy your music files to the server if they are not already there. Then you will want go edit the config file for you file settings and etc.

$ sudo vim /etc/mpd.conf

Once you have that done, you will need to go to the client machine and install the following:

$ sudo apt-get install mpc gmpc

Then go to the gui menu for the  sound and video.   Choose the gnome-music-player-client. Everything is gui from there. You will need to set the servername and the port number (usually 6600). In many cases it will autodetect it for you.

Start playing music from the server.

Note: this could be a perfect project for a Raspberry Pi running Raspian as a host. Then add a tv or monitor so you can also use it as a computer.

Update: Kodi works with MPD.

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