Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Keeping medical records.

Keeping medical records is very important. Of course, your doctor's office will keep records, but you will want to keep your own set. Was looking at this software for doctor's offices so they can keep records. It is so detailed, that you would enriched if you used this program yourself. The program is called openemr and is available from (perfect for a doctors office). The have version for several operating systems.  The version that interested me the most was the web version, so you could install it on your own private server and everyone on the network can use it.

We setup what is known as a virtual site so that it co resides with other websites from the same server (just like the pros do it).  What is interesting os that you can keep a record of office visits. You can even printout records for  just one visit or print the whole month out.

Of course you can add any member of the family maybe add or setup up accounts for relatives that you care about.

Of course, the financial records are important, especially at tax time.

Some people might think it is a bit overdoing it, but wait till you want to get at the information and you will really appreciate the software. Have only scratched the surface of what can be done. Check it out!

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