Thursday, December 6, 2012

New wifi networking

There is a new way of wifi networking that will allow you to have wireless nodes as a network backbone to replace a repeater network.The mesh networking has become popular in Austin, Texas and is spreading like wildfire. Another way people can become their own isp.  For example ,say you have several houses or homes that you want to connect. You will not have to run any cabling between the units. All you need is a router that can run the Hsmm-mesh (tm) firmware. The network is a variation on ham packet radio. The original intention was to have a free network where anyone can become a node. You can do a little specialization if you want it to be at least a little bit private via the ssid.

Several homes or locations do not have to be next to each other, but the participating units have to have standard routers that have the hsmm-mesh software installed.  You can tie the routers together, by using traditional repeaters, but if the main router goes down, so does the network. With hsmm-mesh. all the units are independent and operate on their own. This much more robust and less prone to failure.

When the hsmm-routers are fitted with the firmware, they no longer act as a tradtitional router. So I recommend using a firewall or a tradtional router to isolate your local network from the backbone of the mesh. For more information see:

Note: with licensed operations and licensed transmitters, you should be able to connect anywhere where there is a compaible network.

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