Thursday, December 6, 2012

Microsoft Prices going up?

Several media entities are exclaiming the Microsoft server and Cals are going up in price. Linux vendors must be happy about that. Should be easier to sell Linux instead of Microsoft to current and future clients.  Traditionally with Microsoft, you just can not get one product to act as a server. You really have to buy several packages to have working servers. That means if you use Microsoft, you will feel the price increase several times.

What really bugs me is Cals or customer access licenses, you are charged extra to access your own server for each client system you have. Why are you paying additional costs to access your own server. It's not their server. Should that not be included in the server costs. With the new server software, you will probably have to buy all new hardware to be able to use the new software to boot. If you use Non-microsoft products to also access the server, you will have to pay for an access license for each on of those devices. AKA the Microsoft Tax.

That those are no the only costs. If you use the Office products, not only do you have to pay for them, but last I heard you also have to have what is known as Backoffice licenses.  Again you are paying twice for the same product.

In the linux world, you are paying more for support than for the software. Redhat has what is called subscriptions when you need professional support. We use Centos, Debian, and several other versions for both servers and clients systems. Software cost: $0 because we can support the systems mostly by ourselves. We do pay for support  when needed. Still a far cry less than if we used Microsoft.

What I might have to pay if using Microsoft.

Microsoft:  Amounts may or may not be accurate Check with a Microsoft dealer for sure). In house IT costs not included.

Small business server: $3000  (4 servers @$750 each)
Server addons:               2000

subotal                           5000
(30 users)
Mswindows ($50 each) 1500
Office      ($50  each       1500
BO           ($25 each)        750
CAl          ($15 each)        450
Total                             $9200

That is not including the costs of new equipment you may need.

How many  small businesses would want to pay that.

Linux  ( In house IT costs not included.)

Server costs     $     0
Libreoffice               0
Linux distro            0
other licenses         0
Support costs    1000 (if that)
Total                  $1000

It's your choice.......

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