Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Raspberry Pi to get Android 4.0!

Raspberry Pi to get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (popular touchpad operating system) .  Talked about the Raspberry Pi (SOC or system on a chip computer) before in an earlier article. According to several news sources such as  Although Icecream is not the latest version of Android, it is still new enough to be very viable. Hopefully Android version 4.1 will be available soon.

What is really interesting is that you can already run an optimized version of Debian linux ( on the unit. With a composite video out port, you can connect it to most portable DVD players (with composite input) or older composite monitors. That means you can have a computer for under fifty dollars.  Since you can easily strap the Raspberry Pi behind a portable dvd player or a low cost portable touch screen, it as a home made touchpad will be surely competition for all the commercially sold  touchpads out there costing hundreds of dollars.  Stay tuned!

Update: As someone reminded me, you can make your own tv set top box and use the software you like. You can even modify it the way to work the you want. Roku and the rest could be history soon.

Note: we are on the waiting list to get a unit. Review and hacks are coming.

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